NU’EST’s Ren Shared His Most Embarrassing Moment…And It Will Make You Cringe All Over

Try not to LOL at his hilarious fail.

NU’EST’s Ren is usually the definition of smooth…except for this one story he shared that will make your toes curl in embarrassment.

On stage, he’s charismatic, cool, and totally makes fans swoon.

He knows how to work a camera and give the right expressions.

But when he’s bare-faced, he has much less confidence. (For a reason that’s totally unknown to fans. I mean, look at his flawless complexion!)

Since he’s not as confident without makeup, he’s not very likely to take a selfie with a fan without it.

That’s why when some tourists asked him to take a picture when he was out in Hongdae, he politely declined…but there was just one issue.

They actually weren’t asking for a picture of him…and likely didn’t even know who he was.

We just want you take a picture of us.

— Tourist

The tourists were baffled at his response and as soon as Ren realized what was happening, he immediately felt the pain of embarrassment.

As embarrassing as the situation was, at least Ren was left with a funny story to tell!

Source: NUEST Show