NU’EST’s Former Vocal Coach Reveals What They Were Like Before Becoming Famous

Handsome and hard-working, of course, but what else?

In a recent interview, singer Hwang Chi Yeul shared what he remembers from the days he coached NU’EST W members and Wanna One‘s Minhyun.

Prior to his debut, Hwang Chi Yeul coached K-Pop idols and trainees at Woollim, Pledis, and Fantagio entertainment agencies.


Hwang Chi Yeul and NU’EST W ran into each other at the Golden Disk Awards past January 2018. Hwang Chi Yeul said, “It was great to see them at the awards.”

“When I used to coach them, we would meet at some basement practice room. The members would come to class exhausted from their schedules. I used to let them sleep 30 minutes during class. It was my class, my rules. With some sleep, they would sing better and learn better.”


Hwang Chi Yeul added, “I’m so happy for them. NU’EST W is doing well and Minhyun is doing well with Wanna One. I feel great.”

After the Golden Disk Awards, Hwang Chi Yeul mentioned NU’EST again on his V Live.



Hwang Chi Yeul uploaded pictures with NU’EST W members on his Instagram.

Fans are happy to see this former coach-and-trainees gone idol-and-idols relationship stay strong!


Watch the well-trained NU’EST W perform at the Golden Disk Awards:

Source: ISPLUS
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