The “Nugu” Group Behind The Hottest Moment Of The 2023 “MAMA Awards” So Far

“I don’t know who he is, but I want to know…”

On November 28, the 2023 MAMA Awards took place in Japan, hosting many K-Pop idols and several other celebrities.

| Mnet

While many international netizens have shared their less-than-positive thoughts about the awards show, many tuned into the show to see their faves’ performances.

However, one sexy moment from a “nugu” group has captured the attention of multiple fandoms, leaving many wondering just who they are.

Among the many groups performing at MAMA, the name Just B might not be as familiar to some. Several members of Just B were known to netizens for their participation in shows like I-LAND, Under Nineteen, and The Fan before their debut.

JUST B’s Geonu while on I-Land. | BELIFT Lab

In November 2021, the group officially debuted with “Damage,” a track produced by B.A.P‘s Bang Yongguk.

Since then, the group have seen a steady growth in popularity, with their most recent release, “Medusa,” already having 11 million views. The group also have held Latin American and Canadian tours.

Just B | Bluedot Entertainment

The group were included in Mnet’s ROAD TO MAX, a project created to give underrated groups opportunities to perform at events like KCON and the MAMA Awards. After rounds of voting, Just B were announced to have won a performance spot during the awards show.

And, according to fans, the group made the most of this opportunity! During the special “Medusa” stage, the group included a dance break that ended with member Lim Jimin unexpectedly ripping his shirt open, revealing his abs.

The live audience went wild, as netizens unfamiliar with the group raved over what many called the hottest moment of the night.

OnlyB, Just B’s fandom name, were thrilled over the attention the group got for this moment and their fantastic performance, with some hoping this would be their “escape from nugudom.”

You can check out more about Lim Jimin below!

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