Numerology ‘Life Path’ Analysis Reveals The BLACKPINK Members’ Future Destiny

These descriptions are surprisingly accurate!

According to numerology (the belief that everything is connected to numbers), your ‘Life Path’ number determines your destiny in life. Life paths are calculated based on your date of birth, and are said to reveal your personality and greater purpose. Here’s what BLACKPINK’s Life Path numbers say about their destinies—and the results are surprisingly accurate.

Jisoo — Life Path 1: The Leader

Jisoo’s Life Path is 1 (also known as the ‘Leader’ path), which means her main goal in life is to develop her confidence and creativity.

As a Leader, numerology says Jisoo must be independent, hardworking, and someone thrives on competition. That makes Life Path 1 perfect for someone who needs to get through years of grueling K-Pop training.

Back in November 2019, Jisoo talked to ELLE Korea about just how independent she is. She revealed that she’s never relied on others, instead thinking of the best way to solve her own problems. Life Path 1s are generally known for being creative problem-solvers.

Jennie — Life Path 6: The Harmonizer

Jennie’s Life Path is 6 (also known as the ‘Harmonizer’ path), which means her main goal in life is to develop her vision and responsibility.

As a Harmonizer, numerology says Jennie must be nurturing and always there to help with other’s problems. Life Path 6s are often placed in leadership positions even when they don’t ask for it. This makes sense, given that Jennie is often called the group’s “unofficial leader” because of how she helps coordinate the members on stage and makes a lot of decisions in the group.

Life Path 6s are also drawn to beauty in all forms, from makeup to fashion. That makes the Harmonizer the perfect destiny for Jennie, who works with major beauty and style brands.

Rosé — Life Path 3: The Creative

Rosé’s Life Path is 3 (also known as the ‘Creative’ path), which means her main goal in life is to develop her expression and sensitivity.

As a Creative, numerology says Rosé must love taking center stage and connecting with people. Creatives are the life of the party and make everyone around them feel nurtured and comfortable. What better Life Path for an idol who communicates with fans during every performance?

Life Path 3s are known to be fiercely loyal and have a romantic nature. That would explain with Rosé is so close and clingy with her members, particularly Lisa.

Lisa — Life Path 2: The Diplomat

Lisa’s Life Path is 2 (also known as the ‘Diplomat’ path), which means her main goal in life is to develop her cooperation and balance.

As a Diplomat, numerology says Lisa must be someone who avoids conflict wherever she can—though Life Path 2s will be confrontational when they need to. People with this Life Path are also happiest when working with those close to them. This is so fitting for Lisa, who said in a recent Elle Korea interview that being with her members gives her the most strength and energy.

Another characteristic of Life Path 2s is sensitivity. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and experience emotions strongly. Lisa is definitely someone who has strong feelings. Fans have seen her cry many times, including when asked about her parents in an interview and when interacting with fans.

Source: Felicia Bender