OG Idol And “Penthouse” Actress Eugene Shut Down A Jealous Female Idol Who Undermined Her Natural Beauty

Too boss for words.

Former S.E.S member and Penthouse actress, Eugene is famous for her natural beauty.

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And it was revealed by her fellow member, Bada in an interview back in 2016 that Eugene shut down a jealous colleague who attempted to undermine her visuals.

| @eugene810303/Instagram

During the interview, the topic of Eugene’s unmatched beauty came up.

| @eugene810303/Instagram

And that’s when Bada shared a story that not even Eugene remembered.

She’s not just pretty. She’s a natural beauty. One time, a member of another group said, ‘If I just get my nose done, I can be prettier than her.’ And after hearing that, Eugene turned to her and said, ‘Get your whole face swapped out and come back to me. You still won’t be as pretty as me.’

— Bada

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Despite having made such a boss remark, Eugene was surprised by the story herself.

I said that? I don’t remember.

— Eugene

Eugene was famous for her outstanding beauty ever since she debuted with S.E.S in 1997.

And with the success of her drama, Penthouse, many are shocked that her natural beauty hasn’t faded away in the slightest decades later.

| @eugene810303/Instagram

Her visuals are certainly worthy of envy, and Eugene confidently made it clear that she’s all-natural and proud of it!

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