K-Netizens Have Mixed Reactions Over OH MY GIRL Arin’s Photoshoot With Bras

“Wow, this is my first time seeing an underwear ad like this…” — Netizen

A Korean netizen’s recent forum post showed OH MY GIRL’s Arin posing for a photoshoot with bras and comments are divided.

As the model for shopping mall brand BYC, Arin presents a youthful and vibrant image.

What’s interesting is the choice for a model to pose with bras as opposed to wearing them.


Some fans praise this idea and think it’s an interesting way to promote bras.

Wow, taking pictures like this for bra ads is a good idea.

Overall, this concept is so goodㅋㅋ I hope other brands will change this way too… Arin is so cute…

— TheQoo Netizens

Others think there’s nothing wrong with the normal ads of models wearing a bra like how they are intended to be used by customers.

Wearing bras and taking pictures is unhealthy, but keeping bras and taking pictures is healthy? The comments are confusing…

— TheQoo Netizen

The majority of people agree, however, that Arin’s fresh and pretty image fits well with BYC!

Source: TheQoo