OH MY GIRL’s Arin Accidentally Exposes A Member’s Phone Number During A Live Broadcast

Wait until you see her reaction! 😂

OH MY GIRL‘s Arin once made a hilarious mistake that haunted her leader…for a while, at least!

During an online broadcast with Seunghee, Binnie, and Mimi, Arin excitedly wanted to show her fans something on her phone. However, in that exact moment, leader Hyojung decided to call her.

It took a moment for Arin to realize exactly what just happened — She had just exposed Hyojung’s phone number to almost 100,000 of their fans!

The members couldn’t hold back their laughs at the adorable maknae‘s mistake.

She immediately apologized to Hyojung, feeling bad for the accident.

However, when they picked up the call and explained what happened, Hyojung told her it was okay!

Mistakes happen. What a cool leader!

Watch the full hilarious clip below!