Oh My Girl’s Arin Jokingly Threatens A Fan After They Ask Her About Her “Old” Age

It’s a touchy subject!

Oh My Girl‘s maknae Arin may only be 21 years old, but she is already fed up talking about her age!

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On January 8th, the Oh My Girl beauty sat down for a live broadcast to chit chat with her fans. She asked her fans a random question, “what is something different about me that you have noticed?” She asked this specific question because she had toned her hair to a darker color and wanted to see if her fans would notice. One particular fan, however, answered with a much different response than Arin was expecting.

The fact that you’re a year older?

— Fan

After seeing this response, Arin reacted in a way that’s uncharacteristic of the Oh My Girl member.

Do you want to be punished?

— Arin

She then further explains herself and how she is getting sick of all the talk about her age. She firstly exposes her members for being the true perpetrators of it all.

All of the (Oh My Girl) unnies keep telling me…

— Arin

She continues to explain that they keep telling her she’s old! Arin was born in 1999, making her 21 years old here in the states or 22 years old in South Korea.

That I am old now too…

— Arin

She then cutely confesses that she is officially done talking about her age!

I don’t want to talk about my age anymore!

— Arin

It seems that her fellow members and fans alike can’t get over the fact that Arin is already 21. When Oh My Girl debuted, Arin was only 15 years old making her a young middle school student. She grabbed the attention of netizens due to her pure and innocent visuals. She quickly became the nation’s dongsaeng because of her adorable cheeks and child-like image.

| WM Entertainment

It’s been 6 years since Oh My Girl’s debut and so naturally, the members have all gone through an image transformation. Of all the members, however, Arin has been making headline after headline for her mature glow-up, transforming from an adorable girl to a beautiful woman.

With her sudden change, it seems that fans and her fellow members are having a hard time watching their maknae grow up right before their eyes. Oh Arin, 21 is still young so don’t get so bummed about it!

Source: Insight