Oh My Girl Banhana Delight Fans With Their Own Version Of The Famous Banana Art

They created their own version of the famous artwork:

Oh My Girl Banhana have created their own delightful version of the famous banana artwork piece that’s been all over the news.

Image credit: @오마이걸 (OH MY GIRL)


Over the past couple of days, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about the banana artwork that created quite the stir. The original artwork of a banana taped to a wall was done by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, sold for $120,000 USD, and became a big topic after performance artist ate the banana while on display.


Oh My Girl Banhana, meanwhile, decided to create their own version of the famous artwork! Taping a copy of their Banana Allergy Monkey album to the wall à la banana artwork, they created a unique piece of art too!


Posting the pic on Instagram, they captioned the post with the words “Our Banhana too,” an emoji of a monkey, banana, and smiley face, and tagged the @cattelanbanana Instagram page.


Their playful twist on the art piece has certainly been delighting fans everywhere and it’s not hard to see why!