Oh My Girl’s “NONSTOP” Promotional Photoshoot Pics Are Making Fans Emotional Because Of All The Photos Of Jiho

Miracle are so excited she’s back!

With Oh My Girl currently gearing up for their next comeback as an entire group, Naver x Dispatch recently shared some of the gorgeous photos from their promotional photoshoot together. These pics have not only been stealing hearts they’ve also been making many Miracles feel a little emotional because of all the pictures of Jiho!

On April 13, Miracles received the amazing news that Oh My Girl would be making their comeback with their 7th mini-album as a full group. In their confirmation about the news, WM Entertainment also added that Jiho would be resuming activities with the group following her break for health reasons.

During her hiatus, member Jiho was focused on her recovery and her condition has improved. After thorough discussions with her, the final decision was for her return.

— WM Entertainment

Since WM Entertainment confirmed the good news, Oh My Girl have revealed their concept for NONSTOP, dropped their first teaser, and released a “game schedule play” for the comeback!

But Miracles were also treated to some pics from their promotional photoshoot with Naver x Dispatch too! The recently released photos showcase Oh My Girl’s overflowing charms and highlight their spring goddess visuals.

For the shoot, Oh My Girl were snapped together and individually. While each and every one of the photos has been capturing hearts, Jiho’s pictures, in particular, are having a strong effect on Miracles.

In the photos, Jiho looks both fierce and incredibly sweet…

Like a fairy princess who is also a warrior!

And the combo is making Miracles’ hearts go wild!

Jiho’s visuals, however, aren’t the only reason why the photos are having such a big effect on fans.

Since Jiho has been on hiatus since January, fans have been missing her with their whole heart so to see her shining so brightly in the photos is hitting everyone right in the feels too.

With these photos just the beginning, fans will see even more Jiho soon as Oh My Girl releases even more teasers before making their comeback on April 27!

Source: Naver x Dispatch and Herald Pop