Legendary Go Player Lee Se Dol Reached Peak Fanboy Happiness When He Talked To Oh My Girl

By the end of the video call he was on cloud nine!

Legendary Go player Lee Se Dol went full fanboy mode when he got the chance to his bias group!

Image: @8_OHMYGIRL/Twitter

It’s certainly no secret that Lee Se Dol is a big fan of Oh My Girl. Last year, when he appeared on Lee Dong Wook‘s Wook Talk, he revealed that he had become a big fan of the group after watching them on Queendom.

Since then, he’s become the biggest Miracle around and during an episode of Master in the House, he not only proved that fact but he also became the ultimate successful fanboy!

Lee Se Dol’s journey to pure fan bliss all began when the cast members teased a video call with Oh My Girl after they found out just how much of a fan he is. Lee Se Dol was so excited at the thought of the call that he was even willing to give away the board he’s been using for 30 years in exchange!

While the cast wasn’t prepared to accept his precious board in exchange, they were prepared to make the call happen! After Lee Se Dol showcased his extraordinary talents, it came time for his call with Oh My Girl and he just couldn’t hide his excitement!

As the call went through, his excitement and happiness kept growing…

Until it completely spilled over when Oh My Girl revealed the knew exactly who he was! And of course, he had to let them know that he’s a true fan of them too!

But Lee Se Dol reached peak happiness when Oh My Girl not only sent him a message of support but also sang a bit of his favorite song, “Remember Me”!

By the end of the call, Lee Se Dol was on cloud nine! In fact, he was so happy that he couldn’t quite believe that it had really happened!

He’s definitely the most successful fanboy around! Watch all of the cuteness from Lee Se Dol’s chat with Oh My Girl for yourself below: