Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Highlights The Level Of Unreasonable Hate Comments K-Pop Idols Get

Please – spread love, not hate.

During her recent visit on Reply Night, Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee discussed the type of malicious comments to which she is constantly exposed in her K-Pop career – including the ones attacking her for her appearance and her friendship.


The show had Seunghee read out loud her own malicious comments from around the internet. While Seunghee tried to look carefree and laughed off a lot of the negativity, it wasn’t hard for the viewers to notice the level of unreasonable hate that was charged in these comments – and how it inevitably was affecting Seunghee.


Seunghee started off by reading a comment that pointed out her teeth. To this, Seunghee responded that she liked her not-so-straight teeth and that she believed them to be a part of her many charms. And though Seunghee did not seem too bothered by the comment, the viewers couldn’t help but realize how ridiculous it is for these “commenters” to leave malicious opinions on things that shouldn’t matter, like the arrangement her teeth.

It says, ‘Seunghee, you’re so ugly. Try not to open your mouth. Your teeth are disgusting.’ I don’t agree with this. I still think my teeth are a part of who I am, my charm.

— Seunghee


Another malicious comment attacked Seunghee on her looks. She read, “Your face looks like it was ground at the mill.” Seunghee calmly responded that her face isn’t something that can be ground at the mill – but she did seem shaken up by the negative power of these words.


When reading the last one, that commented “I guess anyone can be a K-Pop star now because Seunghee’s face is like OMG”, Seunghee shared with the concerned show hosts that she is actually rather immune to these hate comments that attack her appearance – only because she has confronted so many of them already.

I’ve dealt with the dirty talk about my face for a while now. So it doesn’t really affect me anymore, almost.

— Seunghee


Seunghee did snap at this comment by responding, “If that is the case, you could very well be an idol too!” With each of Seunghee’s response, the viewers and fans both grew inspired by Seunghee’s strong “mentality” – packed with a high level of confidence and self-love.

You’re right. Anyone can try to be. But not everyone can be. Not only for K-Pop idols, but for everything in life.

— Seunghee


After the show aired, for her fans who grew extremely worried about Seunghee and her mental health post-hate comment-reading, Seunghee left a heartfelt message sharing that she is okay.

Don’t worry at all! I’m totally fine! When I was younger, I didn’t have my fans. But now, I do! I have you guys – and I know we aren’t going to change. That helps me stay grounded and unshaken. So don’t you worry. Instead, you should be thinking about how much fun and happiness we are going to continue having together! I’m going to continue to be that small lucky charm in your lives. So please stay positive. I love you all. Thank you so much, really.

— Seunghee


While some viewers remain worried about the content of the show – for having the already-stressed K-Pop idols read their own hate comments, Reply Night is definitely helping the general public realize that this “unfiltered hatred” is a serious problem, and that the battles K-Pop idols and K-Celebs fight daily against these snarky and vicious comments.


Watch the full clip below: