Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Responds To Malicious Comments About Her Friendship With BTS’s V And Jimin

Haters claimed she was using BTS for fame.

Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee appeared on Reply Night, where she touched upon the malicious comments she gets for her friendship with BTS‘s V and Jimin.


The show brought up common malicious comments that claimed, “Who does Seunghee think she is to use BTS for fame?” and “Stop using BTS and get some other topics to talk about.


Seunghee explained that V, Jimin, and she have been close since they were in high school. But she had purposefully stayed away from revealing their friendship in case it could cause backlash for both BTS and Oh My Girl.

We trained together when we were in high school. They were friends that I cheered for since before we debuted, but they’ve become such global seniors.

It’s become harder to approach them especially because they’re a team and not soloists. That’s why I never mentioned our friendship in case it could harm our groups.

— Seunghee


But V and Jimin took the initiative to reveal their close friendship as they were seen cheering excitedly for Seunghee during one of her performances! Although she was thankful to her friends, she also felt apologetic.

But during one award ceremony, a video captured them cheering for me while I performed on stage. That’s how people found out that we were really friends.

But this worries me because I feel like it’s developed into more of an issue. I feel sorry to my friends.

— Seunghee


She also mentioned that she’s been friends with TWICE‘s Jihyo and Jeongyeon since pre-debut as well. Considering how her friends became some of the biggest names in K-Pop, she revealed that many people used that to criticize her.

I’m also friends with TWICE’s Jihyo and Jeongyeon. Because many of my friends became so successful, many people ask me why I can’t also perform on those kinds of big stages.

I was envious since the time that they debuted before me but I believed that everyone has their time. I was able to feel less pressured after thinking that way.

— Seunghee


Shin Dong Yeop pointed out that Seunghee wouldn’t be receiving the malicious comments if her friends weren’t such big stars. The cast sympathized that Seunghee couldn’t even call her friends, “friends”, because of the haters.


Haters just can’t seem to bear watching others celebrate a beautiful friendship… Don’t pay them any mind, Seunghee! Your friendship with BTS and TWICE is the cutest thing ever seen!