OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee Shares Her Memories of The Young BTS’s V And Jimin

She remembers them being hard-working AF.

OH MY GIRL‘s Seunghee appeared on a recent episode of Happy Together and talked about BTS‘s V and Jimin – back when all of them went to the same high school together.


Seunghee recalled how she met Jimin through V. While she and V were in different classes, the two became good friends first. Then, when Jimin transferred schools and ended up in Seunghee’s room, V asked Seunghee to take good care of Jimin. And that’s how the hottest BFF group was born!

Jimin used to be in my class, while V was in another class. But I knew V first. When Jimin switched schools, he ended up in my class. V introduced me to Jimin and asked me to be his friend, so we all became buddies.

— Seunghee


According to Seunghee, both Jimin and V were completely addicted to practicing. She pointed out Jimin was always “like a zombie” at school, because he would stay up late night and practice.

I still remember, Jimin was all about practicing. That’s all he knew. He’d spend the night up practicing and come to school half dead like a zombie.

— Seunghee


Seunghee added that V never stopped practicing, even while going on about his daily life. She shared how surprised she was to see him go over his dance moves while checking his reflection in the protective glass doors at the subway station.

He would start dancing in the subway station, checking his moves in the reflection of the screen doors. I used to watch him do that… but he really did surprise me.

— Seunghee


Jimin, V, and Seunghee have remained good friends and they still keep in touch through the ups and downs of leading K-Pop idol lives. Seunghee pointed out that she tries to be supportive and available for her friends, in case they need someone to talk to!

Yeah, we still keep in touch. They’re on tour right now… but I’ve told them, if things get rough on the road and they need someone to talk it out with, they have me.

— Seunghee


And Seunghee pointed out that Jimin and V have been an excellent support system for her as well. When Seunghee shared with them that she was nervous about performing at the MAMA award ceremony, Jimin and V reassured her that she looked great on stage and did a phenomenal job. With her friends’ words of encouragement, Seunghee felt better about the performance and the whole conversation was left behind as a good memory for her.


Fans are thrilled to hear about Seunghee’s friendship with Jimin and V. It’s a relief to know that K-Pop stars can build strong relationships like this and remain supportive of each other through the stress that can come from being in the industry. Jimin, V, and Seunghee are definitely K-Pop’s favorite BFF circle!

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