Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Tells The Story Of How Her Hair Got Ripped Out

The top of Seunghee’s head is missing a patch of hair.

On a recent upload of EDAM Entertainment‘s IU’s Homebody Signal, Oh My Girl‘s Seunghee shocked IU by revealing what happened to her hair.

When Oh My Girl’s Seunghee and Hyojung appeared on the YouTube show, they expressed just how happy they were to be there.

The truth is, our vacation started yesterday. But we took our vacation days back when we found out we were cast for IU’s Homebody Signal.

– Hyojung

I wasn’t going to dye my hair again because my hair’s so damaged. But I even did that before coming here.

– Seunghee


During the show, viewers noticed Seunghee’s gorgeous pink hair, but what many noticed during close-up shots was the extreme damage.

It could be seen that some of the hair on the top of Seunghee’s head was ripped out.

And the reason? Seunghee wanted to look good for IU.

When IU heard the story, she expressed her apologetic feelings for what happened.

You dyed your hair again because of this? That’s crazy.

– IU

But Seunghee had no regrets.

I wanted to look pretty in front of my ‘sunbae.’

– Seunghee


Well, as long as Seunghee’s happy!

It’s too bad about the hair though.


Source: Insight