Korean Comedian Gets a Makeover to Look like Ariana Grande

Ariana’s look gave her the kind of charisma she never knew she had.

On a recent episode of My Little Television, Korean comedian, Oh Na Mi got a makeover to look like Ariana Grande.

Oh Na Mi confessed that she had never tried intense makeup before, so beauty creator, Riri Young decided to make her into Ariana Grande.

In the process of tanning Oh Na Mi, viewers made comments comparing her to a cooked egg.

And when Riri tied her hair up into a ponytail, the viewers trolled her by calling her Ronaldinho, who is a Brazillian footballer.

Up until the very last moment of the makeover, both the viewers and cast died of laughter at her resemblance to Ronaldinho…

But once she put on the right outfit and posed for photos, her charisma couldn’t be denied.

Although no one could say she looked like Ariana Grande, sporting her look surely gave her an edge that helped her pose like a superstar.

Check out the full transformation below:

Source: Dispatch