You Won’t Believe Just How Much OH MY GIRL’s Arin Has Grown Up In Her Latest Pictorial

She’s stunning!

OH MY GIRL‘s Arin has been on the rise in popularity and beauty of late. Ever since she outgrew her baby fats and chubby cheeks, her beauty has been blossoming. Netizens are stunned at her recent pictorial for OH MY GIRL’s Seasons Greetings!

During her debut period, Arin was known for her adorably fluffy looks.

The very picture of innocent beauty, Arin’s dazed gaze and pure makeup has fans enraptured.

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Many are praising her for her good skin and harmonious features.

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Rather than glamorous and flashy features, Arin has a subtle yet stunning beauty.

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Netizens also praise her for “suiting long, straight hair like a glove“.

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Arin certainly has come into the spotlight of late with her gig on Music Bank as an MC and various acting stints such as The World of My Seventeen!

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