OH MY GIRL’s Arin Lost It When She Saw Bestie (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi “Twerk”

Her reaction was priceless.

When (G)I-DLE‘s “MY BAG” first got released, it made waves for the strong opening. In a never-before-seen historical movement, the opening had Soyeon twerking strongly while rapping. The way she did not need to catch her breath while doing strenuous moves amazed the fans. The simple but catchy choreography began going viral.

Soyeon twerking while dancing for “MY BAG.” | CUBE 

It’s no wonder that even the other members are coveting her part. Yuqi was caught on camera dancing along to Soyeon’s part when she was offstage. The other members stand on the sides during the solo parts but their individual fancams captured every moment.

| Mnet

Unfortunately for Yuqi, her bestie OH MY GIRL‘s Arin had caught the moment too. While Arin is not in the habit of watching her friends’ fancams, Yuqi’s was too cute to pass up! Arin couldn’t help but crack up at the moment when she saw Yuqi twerk.

[I listen to] ‘TOMBOY’ and ‘MY BAG’ [the most these days.] [Let me] brag about Yuqi. I watched Yuqi’s fancam from M!Countdown, where she was wearing purple.

It was so…what can I say? I fell for her. I don’t normally watch my friends’ fancams but she was so pretty. Yuqi was so cute. You know there’s that part…where it’s not her turn but…well, there’s a part like that. Yuqi was following [Soyeon’s] twerking.

— Arin

While she didn’t hold back on her laughter, she also made sure to promote her bestie’s song by dancing to a small part of it!

It’s not surprising that the two are friends, given that they’re the same age. Arin previously revealed that Yuqi and she became close while filming Mnet’s Queendom Season 1.

Yuqi (Left) and Arin (Right) | Instiz

Well, you’re not the only one addicted to (G)I-DLE’s comeback songs, Arin! Be sure to show the earworm some love by watching their performance showcase below.

Also, be sure to check out the adorable shot of Yuqi that made Arin fall in love with her bestie once more! Here’s the full fan cam video of Yuqi performing “MY BAG” below: