OH MY GIRL’s Hyojung Didn’t Have Enough Money To Buy A New Computer So This Is What She Did

Even a regular office worker would have been able to afford it.

OH MY GIRL may have gotten popular with their latest comeback in the summer, “Nonstop”, but prior to that, they were still fairly underrated in the industry. In fact, their leader Hyojung revealed that she had barely been able to afford a new computer last year.

| WM Entertainment

As Hyojung appeared on a segment of On and Off, a reality show which showcases celebrities’ private and public lives, Hyojung was moving into her brand new one-room apartment. Each of the members of OH MY GIRL were given the privilege of moving into their own apartments, supplied by their company.

Hyojung was seen setting up her desk, with a brand new Apple computer.

The desktop model was the latest swanky one, and the hosts marvelled over it. She revealed however, that she had actually borrowed money from her older sister to purchase it last year!

Depending on size and model, the iMac ranges from between ₩1,440,000 KRW ($1227 USD) to ₩3,120,000 KRW ($2658). As she had gotten it for her YouTube activities, it may be assumed that she would’ve purchase one of higher capacity and processors for editing.

Hyojung shared that she had just finished paying it off, at ₩200,000 KRW per month ($170 USD). This rose much question from fans as they worried that she had not been able to afford a computer even just last year.

The finances of celebrities, especially newly rising ones, remain a mystery. However, it can be assumed that the girls are doing well for themselves now, after paying off their trainee and debut debts! WM Entertainment is known for their beautiful styling for OH MY GIRL, which probably cost a hefty sum. Catch the full clip of her moving into her apartment below.

Currently, it has been updated that Hyojung lives in a one room apartment by herself, while Mimi, Binnie, Arin and Seunghee live in individual apartments housed in the same building. Lastly, YooA and Jiho live with their parents.

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