An Old Picture Of ITZY’s LIA With Her Ex-Boyfriend Resurfaces Online

She was in Middle school at the moment of the picture.

A picture of ITZY‘s LIA, a member of JYP Entertainment‘s new rookie group, with her ex-boyfriend was posted on March 9 on the Korean website PANN.

She posted the picture in her now-deleted page when someone sent her a question saying “cringe!! still you two look cute” to what she replied “hehehe thanks!”

In the selfie LIA and her rumoured ex are posing wearing sunglasses and smiling. 

The identity of the alleged former boyfriend hasn’t been disclosed but it’s believed that he was one of her classmates. At the moment of the picture, she must have been attending middle school, at the age of 13 or 14 years old.

The person who posted the picture on PANN left a comment saying “So she’s not a motae-solo*” (*Motae-solo is used to define a person who has never a lover since the birth.).

Most of the replies defended Lia’s private life and others pointed out it was odd how OP got the screenshot of a photo that was deleted almost 4 years ago.

Although it’s true Lia could date in the past, now that she debuted under JYP Entertainment she has to follow the dating ban rule, that doesn’t allow her to date for the first 3 years into their career which applies to every idol under JYP Ent.