How Old Is Too Old? HYBE’s Bang Si Hyuk Playfully Shoots Down News Anchor’s K-Pop Idol Dreams

“Yeah… I don’t want to say more.”

HYBE‘s chairman Bang Si Hyuk sat down with anchor Richard Quest in a recent interview with CNN about HYBE’s acquisition of SM Entertainment.

Bang Si Hyuk (left) and Richard Quest (right) | CNN

Before the interview, there was a playful moment where Richard Quest declared his dream to be a K-Pop star.

However, just as he was blunt about his response to the accusations that he was trying to “monopolize K-Pop,” Bang Si Hyuk was direct with his response to Richard Quest.

Richard Quest (left) and Bang Si Hyuk (right) | CNN

I’m forty years too old for K-Pop, but I still have ambitions to be a…” said Richard Question, to which Bang Si Hyuk politely and blankly nodded before saying, “…to be a what?

The two laughed together before Bang Si Hyuk continued, “Yeah… I don’t want to say more.

Richard Quest then asked about the best age to start a career in K-Pop, and Bang Si Hyuk responded, “The earlier, the better.” His answer aligned with the reality of the K-Pop industry, where it is common to see children as young as 11 or 12 start training to be K-Pop stars.

Scene from Produce 48 | Mnet


The persistent Richard Quest did not give up easily. He jokingly whispered, “I’m sixty… Is it too late?

Bang Si Hyuk gave him a chance this time: “You’re not too late.” Then the two laughed it off before discussing more serious issues.

Watch the full moment here.


Source: CNN Interview
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