The One Fashion Item That Members Of aespa, NCT And SHINee Used Recently

The look is here to stay!

Goggles seem to be the in-trend fashion item lately, with many idols and celebrities wearing it. It popped up in our radars when EXO‘s Kai and his dancers began wearing it for his solo, “Mmmh”. Later on, many idols such as NCT began using them as the futuristic look edged into trend.

Kai and his backup dancer, Noze. | SBS

In 2021’s recent months alone, we’ve spotted 3 idols from SM Entertainment sporting the eyewear item. Not only that, they all are wearing the exact same model. aespa‘s Giselle wore the goggles in the music video teaser for “Savage”.

| SM Entertainment

SHINee‘s Key sported the look in his concept photos for “Bad Love”, his solo mini-album.

| SM Entertainment

Last but not least, NCT 127‘s Mark wore the goggles in concept photos for “Sticker” as well.

| SM Entertainment

The goggles come from local Korean designer brand, Gentle Monster. The model is called B. B. A 02, with (C) and (G) variations. They currently go for $450 USD.

| Gentle Monster

It seems that the trend might be here to stay! Well, at least in Gwangya anyway.

Source: theqoo