The One Girls’ Generation Music Video That All The Members Hate

It was described it as “cringey” 😂

All of Girls’ Generation‘s songs and music videos may be iconic, but surprisingly, there’s one in particular that the members can’t stand!

In an episode of MMTG, Tiffany and host JaeJae were talking about Tiffany’s iconic line in the song “Genie” where she goes, “DJ, put it back on.

She attributed the line to SM Entertainment producer Yoo Young Jin whose voice she described as “so cool and so sexy.”

That reminded JaeJae of the song “Beautiful Girls,” which featured Yoo Young Jin himself.

Tiffany immediately reacted strongly to the memory of the song.

Oh my god, no. Not that song. I need you to zip it. Not that song.

— Tiffany

JaeJae couldn’t believe she detested it so much! Tiffany revealed that it isn’t just her. Apparently, all of the Girls’ Generation members hate it because of its “cringey” music video.

All of the Girls’ Generation members hate it. Who would like it? I think it’s the music video that’s cringey.

— Tiffany

JaeJae agreed with Tiffany, adding, “The slow-motion was too much.

Although she now looks back at it with regret, she recalls simply following the director’s instructions.

What would I have known then? I was directed to ‘Just do it!

— Tiffany

And she was more than happy to oblige!

In case you were curious, check out the music video of “Beautiful Girls” below!

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