The One K-Pop Idol SISTAR19 Felt Starstruck Meeting

“It’s been a while [since] I felt amazed seeing a celebrity.”

SISTAR‘s Hyolyn and Bora recently reunited to revive their popular sub-unit SISTAR19 and officially made their first comeback in 11 years with “No More (Ma Boy)” on January 16.

SISTAR19’s Bora (left) and Hyolyn (right) | @official_sistar/Instagram

SISTAR debuted toward the end of K-Pop’s second-generation and promoted for seven years before they officially disbanded in 2017.

Through the years, the members have remained active in the entertainment industry. Hyolyn founded her own label Brid3, and released multiple solo singles– some featuring fellow K-Pop artists– and competed on the reality program Queendom 2 in 2022.

“Queendom 2” Teaser Image | @mnet_official/Instagram

Bora remained active as an actress and appeared on multiple popular variety shows.

Bora (center) with fellow “Dr. Romantic” cast members | @borabora_sugar/Instagram

During their recent promotions as SISTAR19, the two members reunited with many fellow celebrities and K-Pop idols, even throwing a star-studded VIP listening party with some of Korea’s hottest stars in attendance.

(From left:) SISTAR’s Bora, actor Park Seo Joon, actress Han So Hee, and SISTAR’s Hyolyn at their VIP listening party | @xhyolynx/Instagram
(From left:) SISTAR’s Bora, Soyou, and Hyolyn at the VIP listening party | @borabora_sugar/Instagram

Among the celebrities they’ve worked with and reunited with recently, one fellow second-gen K-Pop star left them starstruck.

To celebrate their comeback, SISTAR19 appeared on Kim Jaejoong‘s popular talk show, JaeFriends.

The SISTAR19 members revealed they had never met Jaejoong before, explaining that SISTAR’s promotions didn’t overlap with his.

While getting to know each other, Bora admitted that for the first time in “a while,” she felt “amazed” by seeing a celebrity, and Hyloyn agreed.

Jaejoong revealed he was also a fan of SISTAR and knew more about the group’s members than they expected, proving they were all fans of each other.

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