SISTAR19’s Hyolyn And Bora Explain Why K-Pop Idols Avoid Wearing Wigs

It’s not as easy as it seems for idols.

Since K-Pop idols often change their hair for comebacks and events, fans have wondered why they haven’t begun wearing wigs to protect their hair from all the styling and chemicals.

NewJeans’ Hanni wearing a wig.

When second-generation duo SISTAR19 met with Kim Jaejoong for Jaefriends, they shared why it hasn’t become a common practice.

Bora, Kim Jaejoong, and Hyolyn.

Because Hyolyn could relate to the irritation of wearing glue-in hair extensions, Kim Jaejoong offered a different solution. He asked, “Can’t you guys just wear wigs?

Bora pointed out that it wasn’t that easy for idols to wear wigs. She responded, “It shows if you wear one.

Hyolyn proved Bora’s point by revealing how wigs add an additional layer that’s extremely noticeable.

Your head gets bigger. You put a wig on top of your hair, so it makes your head look big.

— Hyolyn

Bora shared the new method of installing hair extensions, which seamlessly blends in with their real hair and eliminates the extra bulk associated with wigs.

While Western celebrities have mastered the art of wearing wigs—to the point of fooling everyone into thinking it’s their real hair—hairstylists in the K-Pop industry still have a long way to go. See the second-generation idols reveal why the style is generally avoided.