Only One Being Can Make SEVENTEEN’s DK And NCT Dream’s Renjun Freeze In Fear

All bets are off when it comes to fear.

Even though SEVENTEEN‘s DK and NCT Dream‘s Renjun are three years apart in age, they have something unexpected that brings them together. Ironically, it’s something that would typically tear people apart.


When it comes to the threat of the supernatural, neither of them can hide their fear.

During one of SEVENTEEN’s live broadcasts, the comment section seemed to focus on one topic in particular. Not entirely understanding what was going on, Mingyu began to read one of the comments aloud. In his own world, DK had been greeting fans by waving, at least until Mingyu finished reading.

As soon as Mingyu said, “There’s a ghost behind Jeonghan hyung,” DK immediately stopped moving. He froze in place, staring straight at the camera, only risking a quick glance to Mingyu rather than looking behind himself to see if it were true. He was far from alone; something quite similar happened to Renjun.

While on his way back to the dorm by car, Renjun held a live broadcast like he usually does. It was one of the comments that were out of the ordinary. He read it aloud, the question asking him who was behind him.

Renjun reacted the exact same way as DK. He instantly froze with a slight frown on his face. For a very long moment, he merely stared at the camera, refusing to look back while also deciding how to handle the situation.

After calming down, Renjun held up a finger and waved it from side to side, telling fans not to joke about that.

Ghosts are the last things that DK and Renjun want to play with, based on their fearful reactions. Who can blame them? Between horror movies and supposed sightings, they could make just about anyone scared.


See both of their amusing reactions to the threats of a ghost possibly crashing their broadcasts.