This Is The One Scene In TWICE’s “Feel Special” Music Video That Caused ONCE To Shed A Tear

Not crying, just sweating through the eyes.

TWICE released a music video alongside their 2019 comeback “Feel Special”. The girls looked gorgeous, donning beautiful dresses and glamorous make-up. There is one scene, however, that caused fans to shed a tear.

The girls filmed the music video while Mina was still sick and recovering. Despite her condition, Mina chose to film the video with her members. In the music video, there is a scene in which Chayoung and Mina come across one another. Chaeyoung then smiles at Mina, and Mina smiles back.

ONCEs know how close the two are, and the two as a pairing has been popular amongst fans. Even back during their SIXTEEN days, Mina once said her hobby was Chaeyoung’s face. What does that mean? No one is really sure, but people agree.

Mina has always taken care of Chaeyoung as a friend and her unnie. Many interpreted the scene as Chaeyoung smiling at Mina to comfort her during this time, and to show that she will always have her back.