The One Trait Netflix “Physical: 100” Players Have That Separates Them From Other Survival Show Contestants

It’s what makes it so enjoyable!

Netflix‘s recently concluded survival program Physical: 100 shares many similarities with other shows: cliff hangers, innovative challenges, and a large cash prize, to name a few.

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However, there is one jarring difference that separates it from the rest: the unwavering sportsmanship of the players!

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Even with 300M KRW (around 230,000 USD) on the line, the players were never bitter when they lost.

Sure, they oftentimes expressed regret that they were eliminated, but they always congratulated the winners. They cheered the others on and asked them to not give up and to make sure they don’t get hurt.

Furthermore, CrossFitter Woo Jin Yong and cyclist Jung Hae Min showcased great sportsmanship when the former cheered the latter on during the hellish rope pulling final match.

Hae Min ultimately lost to Jin Yong. He didn’t hide how disappointed he was when he was the final contestant to be eliminated, but he took it well. He agreed that he tried his best to the point that he couldn’t feel his arms anymore so he was satisfied with his performance.

Lastly, he sincerely congratulated Jin Yong for winning.

Finally, in Jin Yong’s winning speech, he didn’t forget to mention the other contestants. “I’d also like to thank the other contestants for competing with me and for all the happy memories,” he said.

The sportsmanship of all the contestants is one reason why the show was so enjoyable to watch!

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