ONEUS Keonhee Went All Out For His Halloween Costume And Fans Loved It

Dedicated to the look.

During a recent Halloween fan sign for ONEUS, the boys surprised fans by dressing up in costumes. While they all had amazing costumes, one member stood the most. And that member is Keonhee.

He dressed up as the Kakao Friends character Ryan, a maneless lion. The character is known for looking like a bear, his expressionless face, and his signature blue hoodie. Keonhee got the look down, even wearing face paint to be the same character as Ryan!

For reference, this is how Keonhee looks like without all the face paint.

It seem the idol has always been a fan of Ryan, sporting merchandise of the character in the past.

From his normal look to being is dressed up as Ryan is quite the change, isn’t it? People are praising the idol for his dedication to his costume, with many even anticipating what he’s planning on dressing up as next Halloween.

Source: Pann