ONF’s Hyojin Thanks TXT’s Soobin And Taehyun For Their Loving Support For “Popping” And “We Must Love”

We love support they give eachother!

ONF‘s Hyojin recently held a fun live broadcast and even mentioned TXT‘s leader Soobin!


Before Hyojin’s live broadcast, August 10, TXT’s Soobin posted on the group’s official Twitter account to boast about ONF’s hit song “Popping.”

For those awake at 12 Am with Soobin, Soobin recommended that they all listen to “Popping.” Soobin also added that he himself has been listening to ONF’s song non-stop.

Ah, right..if anyone is bored until 12am then shall we listen to ‘Popping’ by ONF sunbaenim together?

— Soobin

Apparently, word got around to Hyojin as he mentioned Soobin’s sweet shoutout during his live broadcast!

Ah, I think I saw the post that TXT’s Soobin uploaded asking people to listen to ‘Popping.’

— Hyojin

It seems that Hyojin and Soobin are no strangers to each other since Hyojin also shared that he was going to see Soobin soon and thank him.

I saw it! Since we’re going to see each other soon, I should thank him for it.

— Hyojin

Check out the clip below:

Hyojin also mentioned how Taehyun danced to their other popular song “We Must Love” and shared that he was thankful for him.


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