Seoul City Apparently Has Satoori Too And ONF’s Hyojin Is Gaining Attention For His Use Of It

Have you heard the Seoul satoori before?

If you watch plenty of Korean dramas and even variety shows, you will be familiar with what satoori is. Satoori is known as a dialect or accent, with the most famous probably being the Busan satoori, popularized in many dramas like Reply 1997.

However, Seoul has a satoori too! This may be surprising to some given that they are known for being able to best use “pyojun-eo“, the standardized Korean language.

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According to fans, the only idol they have ever seen to use the Seoul satoori, is ONF‘s Hyojin! Here’s a video of him explaining about his snacking habits that fans found adorable.

Comparatively, this is how the Seoul satoori sounds like, with an interview clip from the 80s.

Just what is the Seoul satoori?

It includes using the ending “hasyeo-yo” rather than “hase-yo” at the end of polite and formal sentences. It also includes tagging on the formal suffix “-yo” in the middle of the sentence rather than just at the end.

A common example that was also used by Hyojin in the clip was saying “-jiman-yo” rather than just “-jiman” like most would in the standardized Korean language.

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Fans are going crazy at how adorable Hyojin is!

Looks like the Seoul satoori is a rare thing for most people in this day and age! While most may agree that the Busan satoori is the most fun to learn and listen to, the Seoul satoori has its own charm about it!

Catch ONF’s latest music video below to spot Hyojin!

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