ONF’s Wyatt Offers To Be Fans’ Husband And Gets Rejected … Check Out His Adorable Reaction

We aspire to be this level of extra.

If you’ve ever dreamt of your idol declaring their love for you or that they would be your husband or lover, you can get in line for ONF‘s Wyatt. However, it seems that Fuses weren’t having it – check out their adorably savage responses to his attempts at being romantic.

On a broadcast of V Live mid May, the main rapper and dancer tried to tell fans that he would be their husbands.

Fuses responded at first by teasing him for being a motae solo (single since birth) Wyatt got playfully sulky, pointing out that fans could have just said that without using the gorilla emoticon to tease him.

Later, a fan responded, “I’m underaged so how can you be my husband?” causing him to laugh while covering his face. Wyatt defeatedly responded, “Okay, I won’t be your husband just yet then. I’ll be your lover. Does that work?”

Fuses hilariously responded with “no, stop that. Don’t do that”, to which he exploded with “I’m saying I’ll be your lover and you’re telling me I can’t? Do I live as a motae solo forever?”

Fans continued teasing the poor boy, saying “I’m 7 years old…what lover”. Wyatt’s response was to question “Why are there so many 7 year olds watching this? So shouldn’t you be sleeping? You have to wake up tomorrow to drink milk and go to school.”

Sadly, fuses weren’t having it as they told him they were getting cringes, leading him to sigh and say “I don’t know what you guys want” while pouting.

He even acted out a tear drop falling.

The V Live had a happy ending though, as fans told him to just remain as their celebrity, to which he agreed! 

You can watch the entire exchange here.

As idols often try to be romantic towards fans as a way of expressing their gratitude for support, would you respond similarly to your idol telling you they wanted to be your boyfriends?