Ong Seong Wu’s Manager Expresses Concern Over How Much the Star Hates Drinking Water

Ong Seong Wu’s manager is worried.

On a recent episode of Point of Omniscient Interfere, Ong Seong Wu and his manager appeared on the show where Ong Seong Wu revealed a unique tendency while his manager expressed his great concern.

On the show, Ong Seong Wu’s manager expressed just how worried he is about Ong Seong Wu not drinking water.

I’m worried because Seong Wu doesn’t drink any water. His mother once called me to make sure he drinks water because he really doesn’t drink water. There was this one day when he only took one sip the entire day.

– Ong Seong Wu’s Manager

The manager was seen nagging Ong Seong Wu on the way to a scheduled event when he was seen spraying a mist on his face.

If your skin is so dry, drink water. People need to drink water.

– Ong Seong Wu’s Manager

But Ong Seong Wu didn’t listen and continued to spray his mist.

Even when he reached for a beverage, later on, he reached for the coffee instead of the bottle of water.

While watching the footage, Ong Seong Wu confessed why he doesn’t drink any water.

I don’t like water because it doesn’t taste like anything. Even cold water just tastes cold but with no flavor. People eat things to satisfy their palate. So if you drink a flavored beverage, it tastes good and it’s refreshing at the same time.

– Ong Seong Wu

Well, here’s hoping Ong Seong Wu starts drinking more than one sip a day with the help of his manager’s caring nagging!

Check out the full clip below:

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