Ong Seong Wu Just Revealed His Jaw-Dropping Photography Skills With These Pictures From Argentina

These pictures would make excellent wall decorations!

As part of JTBC‘s show Traveler, Ong Seong Wu — along with actors Kang Ha Neul and Ahn Jae Hong —  graced Argentina and toured around the most beautiful parts of the country.

The show captured Ong Seong Wu taking pictures throughout the trip…

Ong Seong Wu took a lot of good pictures. I was fascinated by his photography skills.

— Traveler Producer

… and at one point, the keywords “Ong Seong Wu’s Camera” trended on the search engines, as viewers grew curious over the make and model of his camera — the Leica M10.

He took snapshots of the city landscape…

… and of his travel-mates too!

With that said, K-Pop fans got busy digging up Ong Seong Wu’s past scenic photographs — and are praising him for his artistic excellence!

These pictures, taken with his other camera SONY A7…

… would make some fantastic wall decorations once printed and framed!

Is there anything this man cannot do? He’s such a multi-talented king!

For more, follow Ong Seong Wu’s Instagram where he periodically shares his photography:

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