Ong Seong Wu Tests Out How He’d Sound As A Radio DJ, Now We All Want It

Give us DJ Ong now!

At his interview that shot him straight up to the top of the nation’s most searched keywords list, K-Pop’s hottest idol-and-actor Ong Seong Wu made it dream-come-true for the fans who want him to host a radio show!


In a recent episode of Access Showbiz Tonight, Ong Seong Wu was praised by the interviewer for his unforgettable voice. With a voice that’s so powerful yet beautifully soothing, Ong Seong Wu has been selected by Koreans for his great potential to become the nation’s next great idol-DJ. When the idea came up in the conversation, Ong Seong Wu agreed that it would be nice if he eventually got the chance.

It’d be nice to be DJ Ong.

— Ong Seong Wu


The interviewer gave Ong Seong Wu a chance to test out his DJ vibes. Ong Seong Wu softly whispered “Good night” into the microphone – which is an iconic line among all Korean radio DJs, originating from a veteran radio DJ and vocalist Sung Si Kyung.

Dear Access Showbiz Tonight viewers, good night.

— Ong Seong Wu


Ong Seong Wu immediately blushed bright pink after trying to be DJ Ong for a second. But it was more than enough to enchant the viewers! With that, Ong Seong Wu’s fans are begging for the star to pick up hosting radio programs. With his chocolatey-sweet voice, DJ Ong is bound to gain some loyal listeners right away!


Watch the full clip below: