Ong Seongwu Opens Up About “Confusion, Emptiness” And Feeling “Trapped”

Seongwu reveals his story of dark emotions through his music.

Ong Seongwu recently opened up about the struggles he went through as an actor and the dark emotions he incorporated into his new music from the past year.

On Radio Star, Seongwu discussed his debut as an actor last year as the protagonist of “At Eighteen.”

He said he majored in theater and has always wanted to become an actor since then.

He was really excited to use what he learned, but he found it much more difficult than he thought. His nerves made freeze up and his acting suffered.

It felt like I was trapped somewhere. I didn’t know where to look. It felt like the camera was threatening me.

— Seongwu


He revealed the biggest reason for this was his insecurities of peoples’ opinions of him. Since he was previously an idol, there could be all kinds of stigmas attached to his acting career.

He eventually was able to fight through this feeling which felt like a weight was lifted off of his shoulders.

However, he revealed acting has always been a bit of a struggle for him when he planned too much.


‘This is when I need to cry.’ ‘This is when I need to show anger.’ Those plans weren’t helpful. When I said the lines, I couldn’t cry. When it was time to show anger, I couldn’t do it. My approach was flawed from the start.

— Seongwu


The director soon approached him and opened his eyes to a new method of acting.

Instead of methodically planning his emotions, letting them flow naturally and feeling the raw emotion of the scene would make a better alternative.

He said he would try and see how it went, and this method proved successful.

He revealed he channeled his darker emotions into the process of writing his latest album.

He wanted to put all of the emotions he’s felt within the past year into his music, so he took on the task of writing all the lyrics himself.

I personally experienced many emotions last year … Confusion, emptiness, lessons I learned.

— Seongwu

This way, his music can include his honest stories that he wants to share with fans.

Fans will certainly appreciate his openness and honesty when it comes to both his acting and music career.

Check out the highlight medley for “LAYERS” available March 24th, 2020.

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