An Ongoing K-Drama Has The Wildest Age Gap Between The Mother And Daughter

What a powerful pair!

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One of the many reasons why K-Dramas have taken over the world so quickly is their ability to create a world that seems both relatable and something of a fantasy. To create this perfect balance, one of the many aspects that require careful attention from the makers is the casting. And sometimes, the perfect cast comes with some age discrepancies. For example, seeing an actor in their 30s play a high-schooler in a K-Drama is a no-brainer.

Kim Tae Ri played a high-school student in “Twenty-Five Twenty-One ” when her real age was 31 | Netflix
Choi Woo Sik as a high-schooler in “Our Beloved Summer” when his actual age was 30 | Netflix

Brilliant casting is one of the primary reasons behind the roaring success of the ongoing show Doctor Cha. This JTBC show started airing on April 15 and has recorded new viewership peaks with each episode. The show recorded an average nationwide rating of 16.2 percent on Saturday, maintaining its top position in its time slot across all channels in South Korea.

| Netflix

The show revolves around the character of Cha Jeong Suk, a housewife of twenty years who decides to go back to finish her medical residency in the same hospital where her husband, Seo In Ho (played by Kim Byung Chul), works as a surgeon. Seo, however, is leading a double life, nurturing a second family with his colleague and old girlfriend, Choi Seun Hee ( played by Mung Sye Bin). Chaos unleashes slowly when these three characters start working together at the same place.


The leading role of Doctor Cha is played by none other than Um Jung Hwa, whose performance as a devoted housewife stuck at a critical crossroads in her life could not be more convincing. Though the drama is full of complicated interpersonal relationships, Cha Jeong Suk’s one true solace is her mother, Oh Deok Rye. Her doting character is played by none other than Kim Mi Kyung, every K-Drama fan’s favorite on-screen mom.

The mother-daughter duo has an adorable dynamic, supporting and caring for each other despite all adverse situations. But in real life, their age difference is nowhere near reflective of the same kind of relationship! Kim Mi Kyung was born in October 1963, making her 59 years old. Her on-screen daughter, Um Jung Hwa, is a ’69 liner. So, she is just six years younger than her on-screen mother!

Um Jung Hwa and Kim Mi Kyng pose for a behind-the-scenes photo | @kim_mee_kyung?Instagram

The fact that despite such a small age gap, the two actors are able to portray a mother-daughter relationship on the show so authentically speaks volumes about their acting prowess!