The BL Drama Starring An Entire 4th Generation Group Surprises Netizens With An Actual Kiss Scene

The series is available to watch online!

Korean BL dramas (also known as Boy Love dramas) have gained popularity with fans worldwide. As the genre has become more common, more male K-Pop idols have ended up in leading roles.

VIXX’s HYUK and actor Yoo Jun in Color Rush 2.

In 2022, it was announced that RK Studios would adapt the series Bump Up Business into a web series.

Bump Up Business is about a trainee named Eden who is given the chance to debut in a duo with Jihoon, an industry veteran who has fallen out of favor due to scandals. To gain popularity, the two are expected to do a “business gay performance,” i.e., engaging in fanservice and skinship, but feelings and other stars complicate things.

| RK Studio

In a new twist, it was announced that the boy group OnlyOneOf would all fill roles in the series, with members Nine and Mill as the main characters.

OnlyOneOf | 8D Entertainment

The series began on September 15, with an international release planned for October. The series comprises eight short, but engaging episodes that allow the viewers to get a good look at the chemistry between the leads.

With any romance drama, one thing viewers anticipate seeing the most is kiss scenes, and the same was true for Bump Up Business. However, some were uncertain if there would be any, considering the actors are all idols in the same group, despite teasers that implied it would happen.

| Studio Mo

During the final part of episode four, after asking if kissing would be allowed in their “arrangement,” the two leads share a short but sweet kiss!

Netizens were pleasantly surprised by this moment, though many hoped for more before the series ended.

Check out the OST from Bump Up Business below!