Openly Gay Idol Holland Opens Up About Discrimination He’s Faced And His Fight For LGBT Rights

“I will fight for the rights of the LGBT community in Korea.”

Following his first European tour, Holland opened up exclusively to MailOnline about his experiences within the industry, as well as the importance of supporting his fans and the LGBTQ+ community.

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During his interview with MailOnline, Holland said, “People look to me to represent the LGBT community in Korea at the moment, they support me and look at me that way so there’s no reason for me to refuse.

Source: holland_vvv/Instagram

He went on to say, “I will fight for the rights of the LGBT community in Korea. All the actions that I foresee from my music, the message that I send, and what I write, all of that intends to resolve and change the traditionalist views in Korea.

Source: holland_vvv/Instagram

While he admits that he’s not had a difficult time personally, he shared that it’s likely because if people had any issues with his orientation, they would choose not to work with him.

… I feel like if someone had an issue with me because of my sexuality then they wouldn’t even work with me in the first place.


Despite this, though, he concedes that he has felt discriminated against in Korea. While he has never experienced direct confrontation, he has caught on to the fact that not everyone is comfortable around him.

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Overall, though, Holland shares that many in the music business in Korea are open-minded and supportive saying, “In the music business in Korea there are a lot of people who are open-minded and supportive of the LGBT community so I have been supported by a couple people.

Source: holland_vvv/Instagram

While it’s wonderful that Holland has so much support, it is terribly sad that he’s felt discriminated against due to his sexual orientation. With Holland leading the way, positive change and acceptance of the LGBT community in Korea is hopefully just around the corner.

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Source: Daily Mail