The Origins Of The ‘TaeTae Game’ And It’s Truly Addictive Nature

Congrats to V!

When BTS’s V celebrated his two year anniversary for his song “Scenery”, he received tons of warm messages from fans around the world.

V’s China Fan club, CHINA Baidu Vbar, took it to the next level and created a V version of a popular Chinese game for free for the fans!

Now called the ‘TaeTae Game’, it is a relatively simple game where the instructions are similar to that of Tetris. The only difficult part is that it is hard to catch which way the bubbles will pop!

Since the release of the game, fans have found that it is very difficult to release the 1000 and 1500 point mark in the game, causing fans to stay up all night playing it.

Some couldn’t get enough of how cute the little V bubbles were!

Taehyung is so cute! Look at how cute it with all the little bubbles gathered together.

— @vivivigice

There were even some ARMYs that made it past the 1000 mark!

Congrats once again to V for his two-year anniversary!

Have you played this game yet? If you have, let us know your highest score!


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