The Painted Figures Next To The VIPs In “Squid Game” Were Actual Humans — Here’s How Much They Were Paid To Stand Half-Naked

That’s a huge amount of money for an extra!

If you’ve caught up with Netflix‘s latest hit K-Drama, Squid Game, you will have noticed the painted figures decorating the VIP room. These figures are painted with various animal prints in-keeping with the Animal Kingdom theme.

In the screenshot below, a figure painted with leopard spots can be seen behind the VIP.

Although it might not have been obvious in the show, these figures are actually paid extras! Raye from YouTube channel Raye and Jin shared that she almost took up the role. She was offered the role but turned it down after hearing the details.

Raye shared that the recruiter told her she could not wear a bra due to the bodypainting, but informed her that nipple stickers would be used instead. Her entire face and body would be painted. She could also wear underwear.

The role would be a non-speaking one and she was promised it would not be sexual at all. The role also offered her full accommodations, meals and pick-up services during the stint. Ultimately, she refused politely. However, when she revealed the fees they were prepared to pay her, everyone was shocked. The recruiter was offering around 5,000,000 KRW ($4243 USD) for just three days of her time.

While Raye shared that she had turned down the role because it sounded shady and they did not inform her which show it would be from, Raye admitted that if she had known it was for Squid Game, she would’ve taken it up!

Such are the hands of fate! Check out the full video below.

Source: theqoo

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