Painter Joung Young Ju Thanks BTS’s RM For Sending A Photo Of The Painting He Bought

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Artist Joung Young Ju posted a photo to Instagram this past March thanking BTS’s RM for sending her a photo of her painting that he bought.

BTS’s RM has bought one of my paintings and he sent me a picture of it displayed at his house. Didn’t he take a great picture? I had a great time with such as respectful and bright young man. He gave me strength during the hard times we are having now. Let’s all fight through this and meet one another with healthy faces!

Joung Young Ju gained international recognition for her paintings of older villages that are disappearing due to rapid urban development. She creates her pieces using ‘hanji’, which is a traditional handmade type paper. She uses this paper to create the roofs, gates, and stairs in the paintings. Her paintings give a sense of warmth and love and remind people of the old times.

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RM is known to be an avid fan of art exhibitions and galleries and is spotted by many people at these events. His love for art is so deep that he is seen visiting these art exhibitions wherever he goes.

Although he enjoys seeing different types of art around the world, he is also a big fan of Korean artwork and artists and has been seen at many around the country. Although he has a busy schedule, he rarely misses any art exhibitions held in Korea. Artists in Korea are always happy to see RM at their exhibits and are surprised at how knowledgeable he is about art.

You can learn more about Joung and her work in the video below!


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