Papa Suga Being Proud Of How Far His Baby Jungkook Has Come Is A Whole Mood

Suga is too busy UWU-ing at Jungkookie.

BTS‘s golden maknae Jungkook is loved and adored by many ARMYs – but it’s his papa bear Suga who loves him the most.

Suga and Jungkook have come a long way together since debut; and seeing how Jungkook has evolved into a professional K-Pop superstar and a solid young man makes Suga loud and proud every single time.

Whenever Jungkook sounds professional at interviews and fan meetings, Suga is simply mind blown and so completely moved. Especially because Jungkook used to be a “smol shy thing” – forever etched that way in Suga’s memory – when he does extrovert things, it pleasantly surprises Suga.

I think it’s cute how the youngest member Jungkook is growing into an adult. When I met him for the first time, he was a middle school kid. He didn’t even know how to organize his thoughts to answer interview questions. But now he knows exactly what to say and seeing that makes me feel a little weird, even.

— Suga, 2018 Non No Interview

Suga is continuously spotted praising Jungkook for “being all grown up”. He has become “Papa Suga” who is proud of his “Baby Jungkook” for maturing and handling adult things on his own now.

When Jungkook first came, he was smaller than I was, I remember. But I watched him grow up. It makes me feel like I raised him like my own.

— Suga, 2013 IZE Interview

Here’s Suga sounding like he’s about to break down and burst into happy tears because Jungkook answered an interview question on his own – and while Papa Suga is extra AF, all the ARMYs in the world understand exactly how he feels and can relate.

Wow, you’re an adult now… I feel… Like it’s… It makes me feel so good. Wow… You sound so grown up and good now…

— Suga

Suga will always be supportive of the man that Jungkook has turned himself into and he will always be proud of having been there to watch it all happen. And this love, beyond brotherly and almost fatherly, is what made Jungkook pull through all these years and become the man he is today!

I felt so bad for Jungkook because he began working before he was old enough to have developed an identity for himself. And it was hard for him too, I watched him go through so much. It always broke my heart and made me feel horrible. But he overcame all of that somehow. He knows exactly who he is now and I’m so proud. I don’t think what I watched him go through can be described in words like ‘maturing’… It’s more like he became human? Like he became a wholesome person.

— Suga

But of course, as all parenting goes, Jungkook will always be Suga’s little maknae boy. Here’s Suga trying to have Jungkook eat more (when he already has two plates full of food) and it’s exactly like a father trying to make sure his son gets plenty of nutrients.

Suga: What else do you want to eat, Jungkook? Do you need more rice?

Jungkook: I have rice.

Suga: …


ARMYs can’t stop UWU-ing Suga switching into this big-hyung, father-figure mode whenever Jungkook is near. Fans love all of Papa Suga, Baby Jungkook, and their real BTS-is-thicker-than-anything family moments.