Park Bo Gum Refused To Leave Yoona’s Side

She told him he could go home, but he refused.

On a recent episode of Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast, actor Park Bo Gum got scolded by Girl’s Generation‘s Yoona for not doing as he was told!


Hyori was not feeling well, so Yoona was put in charge of the bed and breakfast. While she was helping guests, Park Bo Gum kept himself busy with chores.


He threw out the trash, mopped the floors, and even cleaned out the litter box for the cat.


Because Park Bo Gum’s shift had already ended, Yoona told him to go home.

“You must be so tired for coming today. Hurry up and go home.” — Yoona


But Park Bo Gum stuck around and kept cleaning.

“No, it’s ok!” — Park Bo Gum


Yoona urged Park Bo Gum to go and get some much-needed rest.

“Even on my first day, I was able to leave early. Hurry up and go!” — Yoona


Being the workaholic that he is, Park Bo Gum ignored Yoona’s requests and went up to the 2nd floor to continue cleaning.


Yoona exploded at Park Bo Gum for not listening to her commands!

“Hey Park Bo Gum! GO HOME!” — Yoona


Sensing the urgency in her voice, Park Bo Gum finally did as he was told.


But not before taking a group selfie with the guests!


Now, that’s camaraderie!

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