Fans Notice That Park Bo Gum Only Smiles When He Sees Yoona 

During “Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast”, Park Bo Gum couldn’t stop smiling while looking at Girls Generation Yoona!

The onscreen chemistry between Park Bo Gum and Yoona came to extreme heights following their appearance on Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast


In fact, even industry insiders commented on their closeness when Park Bo Gum appeared on the program as a short-term, part-time worker.

Insider Reveals There’s A Special Chemistry Between Yoona and Park Bo Gum 


Fans, however, noticed something interesting after intently observing the actor. He seems to only smile when looking at Yoona!


When he glances across the room where Yoona was seated… he gave off this bright smile!


So bright even the Lee couple noticed it too!


Even the visual-king Park Bo Gum can’t help but smile in front of the visual-queen Yoona!


They are not only close during the program as both teased fans with their cheery updates after meeting at the premiere of the recent film, “Be With You”


It seems like we’re on the front seats on the development of such adorable friendship!

Source: Instiz