Park Bo Ram Explains the All-Banana Diet That Helped Her Lose 70 Pounds

But she’s urging fans not to take on this unhealthy diet.

Singer Park Bo Ram recently made a radio appearance on SBS’s Cultwo Show where she explained how she used an all-banana diet to lose 70 pounds.

One listener expressed just how much they love Park Bo Ram’s song, “Beautiful” and asked her to sing a verse.

And after mentioning that the song was already 5 years old, she sang a verse for the listener with her perfect singing voice.

In response, the cast asked, “Did you write that song after you became beautiful after losing weight?” to which Park Bo Ram responded, “Yes, I wrote this song because I wanted to hear other people tell me I’m pretty.

Another listener told Park Bo Ram that they were following her 5 meals a day diet and asked how she managed to complete such a difficult diet.

Ahead of this, Park Bo Ram made headlines by losing 70 pounds.

But she stressed, “This is only for when you have to lose weight very quickly. This is not a good way of eating.

She then explained her diet only consisting of bananas and eggs.

I ate very small amounts of food 5 times a day. Each meal consisted of half a banana and one egg.

– Park Bo Ram

Although this is how Park Bo Ram lost 70 pounds, she continues to stress, “Don’t use this diet to lose weight. You won’t have any energy.

Let’s hope Park Bo Ram is following her own advice and maintaining a healthier diet as well!

Source: Insight