Park Bo Young Got Cursed At By Customers When She Worked At A Café During Her Hiatus

Park Bo Young worked at her brother-in-law’s café during her time off from acting.

Actress Park Bo Young appeared on tvN‘s Suddenly The Boss where she opened up about her experience working at a café during her time off from acting.

After a long day of business, actor Jo In Sung praised Park Bo Young for doing such a good job cleaning.

And in response, Park Bo Young confessed that she worked at a café during her time off.

I worked at my brother-in-law’s café in Suwon when I was taking a break.

— Park Bo Young

But according to Park Bo Young, it wasn’t all peachy and fun.

She recalled getting recognized by some customers, causing her to work in the back instead.

I was wearing a mask, so they didn’t recognize my face, but many of them recognized my voice. So I went from being at the front counter to doing dishes.

— Park Bo Young

Being famous certainly made things tricky, but what Park Bo Young had the hardest time with was getting mistreated by rude customers.

I was a little rough around the edges, so I got cussed out a lot. One time, I asked a customer, ‘Should I put this in a cup to go?’ And the customer shouted, ‘Then how else am I supposed to bring it home?’ So I just started saying, ‘Let me put this in a cup to go.’

— Park Bo Young

“Oh My Ghost” | tvN

And like most fans, Jo In Sung was furious by the revelation.

They cussed you out? Let me teach them a lesson.

— Jo In Sung

Meanwhile, Cha Tae Hyun comforted Park Bo Young with realistic advice.

They were probably just in a bad mood. Don’t dwell on it.

— Cha Tae Hyun

“Oh My Ghost” | tvN

Watch the full confession below:

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