Park Bom Responds To Accusations That She Got Plastic Surgery 

She fired back.

Park Bom’s latest appearance wasn’t just more about her comeback as some “fans” accused her of undergoing plastic surgery once more. 


On June 11th, she announced plans of returning with a new song on her personal SNS accounts. 

Park Bom Announces She’s Preparing For A Comeback


The updates were accompanied with a series of photos which led to some commenters to pick out the subtle change in her appearance. 


One person even had the guts to point out whether she got plastic surgery on her face. It prompted a reply from Park Bom herself! 

“Oh please give me a break.. I trust my fans around the world..

This is going to be my last answer on this kind of question… did not…” 


Needless to say, she stopped further speculations from popping up. 

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