Park Bom Reveals What Her Relationship With Yang Hyun Suk Is Like

Park Bom clarified speculations of a dispute with Yang Hyun Suk and defended her former boss on her personal Twitter account. 

On February 4th, Park Bom put speculations to rest as she responded to her fans on Twitter. A fan initially asked Park Bom if Yang Hyun Suk was a good president. This was a question that many fans pondered following 2NE1’s disbandment and Park Bom’s removal from their official pages.

Park Bom was simple and positive, stating,

 “Of course!!! That was the reason why I put my precious diary on my SNS.”

– Park Bom


The post mentioned was a page of her diary shared on her Instagram page last January. The diary referred to Yang Hyun Suk as a “person of greatness” and further described him as,

“…smart, has very good intuition and is cold when it comes to business but very relatable at the same time.”
– Park Bom

She ended further speculations with a statement that said that she wanted to prove that her former boss cared about her and still does even up to now.

Park Bom may have failed to sign with the agency since 2NE1’s disbandment, but it seems like she still respected Yang Hyun Suk to a certain extent.

Have a quick look at her statements below: