Park Bom’s 4D Personality Shines In This Down-To-Earth V LIVE Broadcast

Park Bom is the same lovable alien that Blackjacks and Bomshells fell in love with.

Park Bom didn’t have a care in the world in a short V LIVE broadcast uploaded on May 3. Her comfortability in the live broadcast is remarkable since both she and D NATION CEO Scotty Kim have admitted to her having high fear and anxiety about returning to the public eye.

Bom laid down with her Rilakkuma dolls during her live

Over the course of the live, she offered fans an impromptu rendition of her new hit single “4:44” and Sana‘s iconic “shy shy shy” line from TWICE‘s “CHEER UP”. She talked to her manager, brushed her teeth, got attacked by her dog, and ate some grapes – all ordinary things, but also a “regular daily life” snapshot that we don’t usually see from idols.

Park Bom brushing her teeth during the broadcast

Idols rarely show less polished sides of themselves, but that’s something Bom has never been afraid to do. Many times in 2NE1TV, her members have tried to no avail to reign in her 4D personality. On Roommate she also snuck her way into viewers’ hearts with her carefree “alien” characteristics.

Long nights practicing unleashed Bom’s personality on 2NE1TV
Chanyeol with Bom on Roommate 

After all that she’s been through in the industry, it’s good to see her still being the same fun-loving, down-to-earth, lovable Bom that the world fell in love with.


Source: V LIVE